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"Everyone in this world is a salesperson, they just don’t know that"

by Nishant Manchanda

Increase your sales just by managing it better.

Listing the products is not enough! Learn what it takes to build a profitable eCommerce business.

Learn how you can make a profitable eCommerce Business

Build your brand on Amazon and grow sales

Learn from the experts

Goal Setting

Selling is the most challenging but most rewarding job in the world. One who can sell effectively can achieve anything in this world.

A key to achieving better sales numbers is the right sales management.

I, Nishant K Manchnnda, with my 15 years of sales management experience, where I never missed my sales numbers but overachieved, have created the best practices for managing your sales targets and achieve newer heights in your career.

I invite business owners, sales professionals, Startup founders, MBA students, or anyone who is already selling or wish to start a new venture to attend my sales management training and mentorship programs. This will not only help you to grow but also achieve numbers in your sales career or business

E-Commerce Business Management

In India, eCommerce is just 3% of total retail as of now and it shall be 5% in the next 3 years. eCommerce is growing day by day, but at the same time, the number of businesses that are not able to make a profit from the online business is also growing.

I, Nishant K Manchnnda, in my last 9 years of eCommerce industry, have learned the key principals of eCommerce business and have come up with a successful eCommerce Business Model.

I invite business owners, startups, individuals, or anyone who wishes to start or turn their eCommerce business into a profitable venture to learn from my experience of building a profitable eCommerce business.

Sell on Amazon

Amazon is one of the world’s largest market places and it gives a great opportunity to everyone to build their business on its platform.

I, Nishant K Manchnnda, an Amazon ATES (Amazon trained eCommerce Specialist) expert have helped not only my own brands to be in the top 10 categories and getting 100s of orders daily but also have been enabling many other brands as well to achieve this milestone.

I invite brand owners, startups, freelancers, and individuals who are currently selling or planning to sell on Amazon to learn the art of making it big on Amazon.




I’m  Nishant K Manchnnda

Buisness Coach

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path

I am Nishant K Manchnnda, a sales management and eCommerce expert with over 15 years of industry experience. I love building products and sell them. That’s what made me leave the corporates job and work with small brands. For the last few years, I was just building my own online brands, now I have committed myself to help more brands to grow and achieve new heights through my failures and success. I may have fewer things to tell what to do, but a long list of things not to do which doesn’t work.

I run after experience and not just the bookish knowledge, hence all my training and Workshops have a practical approach to learning. We help you learn by doing.

As far as my background is concerned, I am the second child out of three siblings of my veterinary doctor father and a housewife turned entrepreneur turned housewife mom. A failed CA foundation student graduated in commerce and soon got into a sales job. Sales has been my passion since grade 7. After working for a few years, I chose to pursue an MBA and I managed my way into an International university and then IIM Indore and recently graduated from MICA as well. 



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